No to increased fines!

This is the view of Acting Minister of the Environment, Denis Kellman, has indicated says he is not keen on the concept of increasing the imposition of fines for environmental degradation.

Instead, the environment head stressed that the more effective way to foster environmental preservation was to show persons how they could correct their behaviour.

"When you speak of [increased] fines, you are admitting that you are not achieving what you want to achieve," he asserted, while speaking in the wake of the Solid Waste Project Unit’s recently-concluded 4R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover) Fair.

Highlighting the need for solution-oriented programmes the acting Minister contended: "Too often in Barbados we are fast to tell or to write someone and tell them what they are doing is wrong. However, we never create the atmosphere where we can show them how to correct the wrong they are doing, and I believe that this is the new way that we will have to travel."

Making it clear that the current practice was counterproductive, Minister Kellman advanced that technocrats within his Ministry were "well qualified to solve problems and not write about problems."

??Alluding to Barbados’ ongoing interest in environmental preservation, which dates back to the 1960s, Mr. Kellman noted that the concept of renewable energy had now highlighted the nexus between solid waste management and energy creation.

"So the idea now is not just to get rid of solid waste, but it is also to create energy to deal with the high increasing costs of fossil fuels in Barbados," he explained.

In lauding the work of the various Ministry departments including the National Conservation Commission, the Drainage Division, the Solid Waste Project Unit, the Sanitation Service Authority as well as the Harrison’s Cave, Mr. Kellman maintained that these agencies would continue to play their part in leading Government’s "green economy" thrust.

"We want you to know that Barbados will continue to lead as it relates to the green economy, and that we will?? also ensure that the environment?? of Barbados looks like something that you (Barbadians) would be happy to see?? and tourists would?? want to come back to see.

"We also will all have to recognise that if we are a tourist destination then the coastal and inland areas of the country will have to look a particular way. And, as such, we will be mobilising resources to ensure that we are able to achieve those things," the Minister concluded.

Mr. Kellman made it clear that we, as individuals, would also have our respective parts to play in this regard.??

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