Minister of Energy, Senator Darcy Boyce. (FP)

Government has given the assurance that legislation is on the way to facilitate renewable energy generation.

Minister of Energy, Senator Darcy Boyce, speaking at the launch of Barbados’ first Solar Carport and Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Wildey Business Park last Friday, revealed this, saying:?? "We expect, within the next few months, to have the legislation passed for independent power producers…We’ve done this in consultation with the Barbados Light and Power because we do have to maintain the [standard] of the grid in this country." ??He added that all efforts were being made to ensure that the BL&P supported this policy.??

Noting that Government intended to lead by example, the Energy Minister explained that renewable energy efforts would include a project which would see retrofitting of public buildings.

Pointing out that his Ministry aimed to generate as much renewable energy as possible, Senator Boyce said: "We also intend to make sure that we reduce our use of energy by being more efficient throughout the country and Government is leading the way with that, with a number of projects we have got funding for from the Global Environmental Facility and the European Union.

"This grant is to help us take some of our major government buildings and renovate them to make them more energy efficient…and to use the roofs of those buildings to generate solar power…to reduce the cost of government’s electricity bill."


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