Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has expressed the view that the Indian Community has contributed significantly to Barbados??? socio-economic development.

Mr. Stuart made the comments recently at Ilaro Court shortly before receiving a copy of the book – Bengal to Barbados ??? A 100 Year History of East Indians in Barbados ??? from its author Sabir Nakhuda.

The Prime Minister, who wrote the book???s foreword, said the Indians had made a great contribution to the stability of the Barbadian society, particularly through the availability of the valuable services of itinerant traders.

He congratulated Mr. Nakhuda, saying: ???I thought the research was very well done and you have made an enduring contribution to this country???s understanding of the involvement of Indians??? over the past years.???

Mr. Nakhuda added that the Indian business people, especially the itinerant traders, were still fulfilling the needs of those persons who were less fortunate.??He disclosed that his next book would be about the Muslims living in the Caribbean, covering the period from slavery until now.

Mr. Stuart opined that it would be an extremely important area of study, especially since Islamists had made a significant contribution to the world???s development.

Mr. Nakhuda said that he was proud to be a Barbadian and surmised that Barbados was a good example of people living together.

Prime Minister Stuart added that that kind of peaceful co-existence must continue to be nurtured as Muslims and Christians increased their understanding of each other.

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