There is a wealth of information to be found at the Barbados National Standards Institution’s (BNSI) headquarters on Culloden Road, and individuals and businesses alike have been invited to make the most of these resources.

Technical Officer with the BNSI, Jonathan Platt, encouraged the participants at the recently held National Awareness Seminar on The Revised National Building Code to use the resources available at his organisation.

"BNSI offers a membership scheme…[you get] access to the BNSI library for the purpose of referencing… over 19,000 standards, be that CARICOM regional standards, ISO standards, and of course [national standards]…[and the] latest scientific studies and reports," he said.??

Mr. Platt added that the staff was also on hand to assist in quality assurance matters, with free label assessments for new and existing products and discounts on the purchase of standards also available.

The Technical Officer reminded the audience that the BNSI welcomed proposals for standards to be developed.

The seminar, which was hosted in collaboration with the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries, was held to educate professionals in relevant sectors about the revised Code and its requirements.


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