COVID-19 update and press conference – January 14, 2021. (PMO)

Manager of the Isolation Facilities, Dr. Corey Forde, is satisfied with the progress made by patients across these facilities on the island. 

This was hinted at this evening as he shared basic information on how his charges were doing in an update to the nation.

Pointing out that patients currently ranged between ages 24 and 80 in the island’s primary isolation area at Harrison Point, St. Lucy, an area of interest to most Barbadians, he reported: “In that area, we have three individuals who are currently on oxygen. Remember the last time I spoke to you, we had way more than that. So, we had some improvement; we had some discharges.”

Dr. Forde noted that one of these remained a Barbadian male of interest, still in a moderate to severe state in terms of his disease, and a more interesting case was a Trinidadian national, with kidney disease. 

Of the latter, he proffered: “She has had a transplantation of a kidney in the past, early last year, and is presented to us with COVID; so we’re watching her quite carefully. And, of course, in our facility, we have the capacity to do dialysis and this is one of the things we’ve been discussing certainly with the nephrologist on site.”

The health official also revealed that at the premier isolation facility there was one female about 33 weeks pregnant. 

He stressed that she was “actually quite well”, but was admitted to that area out of precaution, and was being followed by the obstetricians, from the beginning of her stay.

He also noted that at the Blackman and Gollop facility, in Christ Church, there had been one transfer back to the Harrison Point facility. 

“A middle-aged guy, a Barbadian, who felt unwell and we just took the precaution of transporting him there.  I will say that he’s currently stable,” Dr. Forde stated.

While acknowledging there was some good news at the facility located at Her Majesty’s Prison Dodds, St. Philip, he said: “If all things … turn out like the way we want them to, we should have up to about 73 discharges tomorrow from our prison population, and that really for me would be great.”

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