The Ministry of Health has noted concerns about H1N1 and wishes to advise members of the public that all necessary public health measures are being taken at this time, to protect the health of the public.

This includes weekly surveillance for cases of influenza, including laboratory testing. In addition, confirmatory testing of samples is conducted by the Caribbean Public Health Laboratory in Trinidad.

Up to December 12, 65 cases of H1N1 have been confirmed, however, there have been no positive H1N1 cases since November 21 (week 47).??H1N1 has been circulating annually since 2009, when the virus was first recognised.

Members of the public are reminded that the best way to reduce transmission of the virus is by practising good respiratory hygiene measures.??This includes frequent and proper handwashing, covering your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing, or using your elbow, and discarding used tissues in a covered garbage can. It is also recommended to avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth as germs can enter the body this way.

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