Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development, Donville Inniss, has outlined a prescription on how Barbadian businesses can get themselves out of the ???red??? and into the ???black???.

Speaking at the unveiling of Neal and Massy???s new corporate brand in Warrens, St. Michael, on Tuesday evening, Mr. Inniss suggested that some people here in Barbados might see such an event ???as the final touches of a Trinidadian company taking over Barbados??? companies???, while adding that ???we need to move beyond that rhetoric and face some realities???.

In fact, Mr. Inniss recommended that Barbadians must be a bit more accepting of others and their enterprises, and at the same time be more aggressive in spreading their wings further afield.??

???If our companies here in Barbados cannot build alone then I suggest that we hitch our wagon to that of Neal and Massy and others and soar to higher heights,??? he underscored.

Pointing out that with the rolling out of the rebranding programme customers would be able to clearly identify what is Neal and Massy and what it stood for, the Minister told that company???s stakeholders and executives that they must focus on the bigger picture.

He stated: ???I can only urge you as a company not to focus exclusively on the bells and whistles but also on the invisible things that may make or break your business, including providing the highest level of customer care. Customers do not only wish affordable prices but they want to know that their shopping experience is the best they ever had.???

Meanwhile, President and Group Chief Executive Officer at Neal and Massy, Gervase Warner, told those gathered that the whole notion of there being a tug-of- war between islands such as Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica is ???an old idea???.

Stating that his company was committed to change so as to improve its brand, he queried: ???If we never change, how will we ever improve what we do? We are going to change what we do, not just because we think it might be a clever thing, but we are convinced it will improve the way we are able to save our customers.

It will improve the way we are able to recruit, train and develop people and it will improve the impact we have on the societies and communities in which we operate,??? he charged.??Trinidad and Tobago was the first to unveil the new Massy branding and similar roll outs will take place across the region in upcoming weeks.

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