A clarion call has been made to capture the history of the manufacturing sector in Barbados.

Industry Minister Donville Inniss threw out this challenge, while at the same time advocating for the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus to take up the mantle to ???write something constructive??? on the history of the sector in Barbados.

??????One that captures the vision of our political leaders over the past century – the kind of individuals who have led the industrial revolution – and the impact that the [new] manufacturing and industrial revolution will have upon our economy and society,??? he underscored.

He made these comments last Saturday evening at the Barbados Manufacturing Association???s (BMA???s) 50th Anniversary cocktail and awards ceremony, at Sweetfield Manor, Brittons Hill, St. Michael.

Noting that as we reflect on the past, we should do so in a manner that propels us to a brighter future, Mr. Inniss stated that the lessons of history and the solid foundation laid should create a way forward that would not disappoint those who went before us, and would also encourage those who were to come.

Pointing out that since he took up his appointment as Industry Minister he had toured several manufacturing companies, most recently Oran and McBride Caribbean Limited and shortly Banks Holdings Ltd., Mr. Inniss said he was always very impressed with the ???excellent manufacturers in Barbados and the wonderful products???.

???My own vision of the manufacturing sector in Barbados is one that is truly innovative, harnessing our best brains and our most creative hands. One that is technologically driven???one that sees the region and the world beyond as its market place and one that is really and truly well respected and supported by Barbadians,??? the minister stated.

Meanwhile, President of the BMA, Karlene Nicholls, said that a priority area was to strengthen the lobbying position for the sector; to ensure that the playing field was level for doing business in Barbados.
What was imperative, Ms. Nicholls stated, was greater collaboration, strategic partnerships and synergistic relationships.

???We need to join forces, maximise our economies of scale and cultivate a culture of cooperation. The development of the sector is undoubtedly a partnership effort??? a partnership which will best succeed on a platform of shared vision, shared accountability and an unwavering commitment to excellence???,??? she added.

The BMA President also spoke out against a developing trend by former manufacturers.

???They have apparently little loyalty or respect for the sector, flooding our market with cheap, poor quality imports all to the detriment of local producers and manufacturers. It is nothing less than a betrayal by those who once sought our support and experienced our struggles, to heartlessly become instruments geared towards our breaking,??? she charged.


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