A senior government minister has offered some choice words to those persons complaining about the Massy Group of Companies perceived takeover, its ownership, its nationality and its politics.

And, Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development, Donville Inniss, has candidly stated that: ???Whatever criticisms there are about Massy???the simple reality for me is that it has invested heavily in this economy and its people. And for that, we should be appreciative.???

Speaking this morning at the opening of the fifth Massy Stores Supermarket at Sky Mall, Haggatt Hall, St. Michael, Mr. Inniss thanked the company for investing in Barbados but also chided those ???who had a chance to do something about the said ownership structure and nationality and did nothing about it at the time???.

???Those who had a chance ought not now to be complaining but rather ought to join us and get on with the people???s business,??? he underscored.??

Noting that the kind of investment made in the venture could not go unnoticed, the Minister pointed out that it was indeed a significant investment and that often persons did not see the hundreds of other individuals involved in realising such a project.

???We must look at the importers who supply items; the local manufacturers and local farmers; the customs brokers; the truck drivers; the maintenance crew; the professional service providers; the financial benefits to the bankers and banks as well as the fees paid to Government and rents paid to the landlord,??? he outlined.??He added that with the opening of the supermarket, 130 persons would be employed.

While commending the management and staff for the wonderful layout and d??cor, he lauded Massy for offering Barbadians a wider choice of locations and an increased shopping experience.??He further added that Barbadians must accept that malls were now a permanent part of our landscape.

???It is certainly the way that we have gone and personally I have no objection to it. I think that those who have conceptualised such and who are responsible can take a bow because it certainly is the way we have to go now in this society,??? he stressed.


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