Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business, Donville Inniss has reiterated his support for meaningful, relevant and appropriate strategic investments such as The Dome Mall, the new Massy Dome located at Warrens, St. Michael.

Speaking this morning at the official opening of the facility, Mr. Inniss said the approximately four million dollar establishment comes at a very critical juncture, especially when innovative and sustainable business solutions were urgently needed as part of the paradigm shift in the way Barabdos conducts business going forward.

Before an audience that included stakeholders and tenants, Mr. Inniss said ???In this regard I wish to reiterate what is happening here with this investment and what we will witness with the opening of this Dome Mall, which will generate employment for 120 individuals??? And, only a week ago we would have taken part in a similar activity in the Sky Mall which would have generated approximately 130 jobs. So, for all of those naysayers, the evidence is there that the Barbados economy is beginning to pick up??????

Adding that Warrens was now becoming ???a major town centre???, the Minister said it was Government???s responsibility ???to create an enabling environment that facilitated not only business survival but economic prosperity.???

He added that as a leading regional brand, an engaging small business sector expected an appropriate business response (from Massy) that would enable it to leverage both forward and backward integration opportunities that could be facilitated through their expansive reach.

???I therefore believe that you must become a ???game-changer??? in mitigating the deep-rooted supply chain issues that have always been the nemesis of both the productive and retail micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) sub-sectors,??? he said, while adding his Ministry established a National MSME Steering Committee with a view towards formulating a comprehensive plan for MSME development in Barbados.

Mr. Inniss further disclosed that this will include amending the Small Business Development Act in a way that makes it more relevant to the needs of the wider MSME sector.

Meanwhile, Country Manager for the Barbados Massy Group of Companies, Frere Delmas stated that the Massy Group of Companies plans to continue investing heavily across Barbados, with the remodeling of its Sunset Crest location and the purchase of 15 acres of land at Kendall Hill, Christ Church for a second super store.

He revealed that his organisation remained committed to making a contribution to the Barbadian society and economy in terms of social investment and economic stimulation, by offering excellent customer service and facilitating employment through new business opportunities.

Mr. Delmas stated: ???We at Massy make things happen and we will continue to invest in the Barbadian economy.???

???This is evident by the opening of this Dome Mall, the creation of space for CIBC First Caribbean Bank to the North, renovations of the Massy Corporate office, the opening of three Massy Insurance locations, two Grape Vine (Wine) Stores, the creation of the Warrens integrated superstore, the opening of the Massy store at Sky Mall and the purchase of 15 acres of land at Kendall Hill all within the last 18 months,??? he disclosed.

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