Deputy Chief Agricultural Officer, Charleston Lucas. (Picture compliments the Ministry of Agriculture)

Innovation is instrumental to developing and improving this island’s agricultural sector in the 21st century.

This is the view of Deputy Chief Agricultural Officer, Charleston Lucas, who was speaking during the launch of the Ministry of Agriculture’s inaugural Agricultural Science, Technology and Innovation Competition. It was jointly launched with the Ministry of Education Science, Technology and Innovation’s 6th National Innovation Competition this morning at the Savannah Hotel.

Mr. Lucas added that countries throughout the world were recognising the importance of research and innovation in the agriculture sector.

He said: "There are tremendous opportunities that targeted research and innovation can have for the sector, particularly as it relates to improving competitiveness and productivity and by extension also stimulating economic activity and economic growth".

Mr. Lucas stressed that he was optimistic that the competition’s theme Improving Lives Through Innovation in Agricultural Science and Technology would motivate individuals to find innovative solutions to some of the issues currently hindering the island’s agricultural sector.

"It is hoped that through this competition, the cadre of researchers and interested participants will be greatly enhanced, thereby complementing the agricultural component within the National Innovation Competition".

Further details on the Agricultural Science, Technology and Innovation Competition will be announced shortly.

The competition is being funded by the European Union, through the Human Resource Development Strategy. It will be executed through a partnership with the National Council for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation.


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