Secondary school students interested in learning the rudiments of hydrology and meteorology will get an opportunity to do so when the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH) offers two four-week summer courses on those topics.

Students will gain insight into hydrological principles; hydrological observations and measurement techniques; hydrological field skills; meteorology and the drivers of weather; meteorological observations and measurement techniques, as well as applications of meteorology: forecasting, broadcasting meteorology and climate change.

Teachers and trainers at secondary and tertiary level institutions may also apply.?? Courses are scheduled to begin on Monday, June 29 and conclude on Friday, July 24.

Further information may be obtained from Shawn Boyce or Kim Whitehall at telephone numbers 425-1362/3/5 or by e-mailing for the Hydrological course; and for the Meteorological course.

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