Dr. Denis Lowe

Barbadians using the services of the six agencies falling under the Ministry of Social Care will soon have a new form to complete – a “universal” Intake Form.

Word of this came from former Minister of Social Care, Dr. Denis Lowe, who was speaking last Saturday at the Working Breakfast of the Ministry and the Barbados Association of Professional Social Workers at the Grand Barbados Hotel.

“We are currently finalising this form, which will become the instrument that will create the linkages between agencies.  At the same time, it will be the first step on the road to empowerment.  It is at this stage that the barriers to empowerment of our clients will be identified, and the appropriate action plan devised to facilitate the overcoming of those barriers,” Dr. Lowe said.

He added the plan would require that the initial assessment should become the critical driver for the coordination, referral and servicing of clients’ needs.  “This is one clear example of an initiative related to process,” he remarked.

Noting that the thrust of the social services programme would be affected, he pointed out that there would always be those for whom the State must provide assistance, hence monetary transfers would always be a part of social service delivery. 

“However, there are those for whom a monetary transfer may only be a means of stabilisation and not of enablement. 

The modern system to which I refer will focus on programmes which get our clients beyond the point of stabilisation, and lead them to enablement as a means of empowerment,” he explained.  

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