The Ministry of International Business and International Transport is continuing its HIV and AIDS awareness efforts using popular theatre.

The Ministry’s most recent foray into the use of theatre arts has seen the commissioning and creation of the play All things Bright and … by Cross-Caribbean Productions.?? It will be featured in the celebrations to mark International Business Week under the theme: From Crisis to Opportunity…Unique Strategies, Competitive Edge.

The play, which features the island’s leading theatre artistes, will premiere for the Ministry’s strategic partners and its staff on Thursday, October 28, at 7:00 p.m. ??Set in a Barbadian offshore company, it involves mature characters all over the age of 50 years.

According to a message from the play’s Director, Tom Cross and Producer,???? Cecily Spencer-Cross, it is a love story, and the fact that it is set in a Barbadian-based offshore company "cannot prevent the heart from seeking solace in love."

The husband and wife duo also cites as significant, the fact that the affection is between two mature adults, one of whom has contracted the HIV virus.

"The reality is that there are globally, over 30 million people living with HIV. We will all know someone living and working with the virus," they stated.

Noting that theatre can be a close reflection of life lived or as it should be lived, the Crosses said it was a valued source of emotional education, insight and inspiration.

"We are grateful to the vision of the Ministry of International Business for appreciating the significance of popular theatre as a source of public education," they said.

According to Mr. Cross, the play’s love story goes beyond the traditional, to include love for the environment and our natural resources, given the fact that the offshore entrepreneur cast is also an advocate of renewable energy systems.

??Patrons will see popular actress, director, producer and drama educator?? Cecily Spencer-Cross in the role?? of?? ???Fran’, while her counterpart?? Tony Thompson, who has appeared in over 50 plays locally, regionally and internationally, will be cast as ???Dr. Jones’.???? Angela Sealy, a stylist and entrepreneur, will play ???Ms. Abel’.?? Sealy, a founding member of Dancin’ Africa and former member of the St. John Dramatic and Folk Singing group, is making her second theatrical appearance, having been cast in S.Ex: Stories Exchange.

All things Bright and … is Cross-Caribbean’s third HIV/AIDS production. It follows on the heels of The Final Truth?, winner of the Frank Collymore Award, which toured the Caribbean partially through the sponsorship of the US Ambassador’s Fund???? for HIV/AIDS and S.Ex: Stories Exchange, which was supported by the Ministry of Tourism.

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