Enumerators for the 2016 Barbados Survey of Living Conditions are currently in several districts across the island collecting information which will provide policymakers with the relevant data to make important developmental decisions.

During the next two weeks, some of the areas interviewers will visit are the St. Michael districts of Grazettes Court, Pillersdorf Development, Carrington Village, Nurse Land, Baycroft Road, Halls Road, Bush Hall Yard Gap, Pioneer Road, Stadium Road and Holligan Road.

They will also visit Kendal Hill Park, Silver Hill, Fairholme Gardens, Welches, Maxwell Hill, Rendezvous Gardens, Regency Park, Upton and Sargeants Village, Christ Church.

In addition, the St. George areas of The Mount, Waverly Cot, First Step, Bridge Cot, Lower Newbury and Rose Hill will be visited, as well as Haynesville, Thorpes Gardens, Durants Village, Clermont and Clerpark, St. James.

The interviewers will travel to St. Martins, Heddings, Rices, Kirtons, Moncreiffe, Parish Land, Mount Pleasant Gardens and Thickets, St. Philip; as well as Venture, Mount Tabor, and Sherbourne, St. John.

They will also go to the St. Thomas districts of Lion Castle, Highland, Canefield, Mount Misery, Redman???s Village, Bucks and Bailey Hill; and Branchbury, Coffee Gully, Surinam, Horse Hill and Chimborazo, St. Joseph.

In addition, they will visit St. Simons, Belleplaine and Hoytes, St. Andrew; and Battaleys, Burma Road and Farm Road with its tenantry, in St. Peter. The St. Lucy areas of Douglas Development, Pie Corner, Cave Hill, Cove Bay and Little Bay will also be visited.

The year-long survey is being executed by the Barbados Statistical Service (BSS), in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank. It will provide country-level information on several key welfare measures such as consumption and income levels, children???s well-being, education, health and housing.

Field Manager of the Survey, Anne Hamilton-Cutting, is on record as saying that ???it will help in updating the Retail Price Index to enable a better estimation of country-level inflation. It will also assist in designing better targeted mechanisms for social programmes and improving the measurement of poverty and inequality in Barbados???.

Mrs. Hamilton-Cutting added that the survey would also help policymakers make important decisions to move Barbados forward. Those members of the public who are interested in getting more information on the survey should call the BSS at 535-2600.


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