From July 16 to August 24, children between the ages of ages 14 and 18 will have an opportunity to learn about computer graphics, webpage design, video editing and Microsoft Office 2010, among other areas of Information Technology.

This comes as the Community Development Department, in association with LIME, hosts the Information Technology Summer Teens Programme, ITS For Teens.

The six-week programme will be held at the resource centres at St. Christopher and Briar Hall in Christ Church; Deacons, Grazettes and Bonnetts in St. Michael; Speightstown, St. Peter; Rices, St. Philip; Weston, St. James; and Greens in St. George.

Further information on the programme may be obtained by calling 310-1700, or logging on to website http://www.ctpcourses.com/, or visiting the nearest resource centre.


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