Jamaican patties are now back on the import list.

Word of this has come from an official at the Veterinary Services Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, who said that with immediate effect "all types of meat patties for personal consumption may now be imported from Jamaica in personal luggage."

The official added: "Importation will follow standard procedures for importation of all meat and meat products, and that is: a permit must be acquired before the products are imported; a maximum of 25 pounds (11kg) of patties are allowed and patties must be in their original sealed commercial packaging."

As with other products of animal origin, patties not meeting these conditions will be confiscated and destroyed.

Applications for permits can be made at the Veterinary Services office in the Pine, St. Michael, or further information may be obtained by telephoning that department at 427-5492 or 427-5073. tblackman@barbados.gov.bb


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