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Job opportunities are still available in Canada for Barbadians interested in working in the meat cutting industry.

Persons with experience in the slaughtering of livestock and primal cutting should send their résumés to the Barbados Employment and Career Counselling Service (BECCS) by emailing beccsjobs@labour.gov.bb, before Friday, November 12.

Applicants, who must be secondary school graduates, must have at least two years’ experience in butcher/meat-cutting skills, which were gained over the last five years. Previous experience working in an industrial or manufacturing plant would be an asset.

They must also be 18 years or older; have a valid Barbados passport, and be able to obtain a clean Police Certificate of Character. They must also be free of any infractions outside the jurisdiction of Barbados.

When developing their résumés, interested persons are asked to follow the sample résumé which can be found by clicking here. Additionally, when applying, the job title Industrial Meat Cutter should be placed in the subject area of the email.


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