Self-employed graphic designer, John Mayers, has won the 50th Anniversary of Independence logo competition.

And, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has described the winning logo as ???impressive and very attractive???.

After presenting Mr. Mayers with his prize of a cheque for $5,000, Mr. Stuart stated: ???I think it is very striking and that too is a reflection of the kind of creativity and passion this country has nurtured over the last 50 years.???

While giving a description of the logo, Mr. Mayers explained that the 50th Anniversary of Independence is depicted by the Golden 3D 50 which combines 50 and the broken Trident.

???As we move upward and onward with pride, Barbados has faced many challenges and throughout all adversities, we have held our heads high and continue to ascend. The Trident, which symbolises our breaking away from England, is seen as though it has gone through many twists and turns which shows our diversity as we have emerged victoriously. Our creativity and commitment gives credit to our nation, as we continue to grow in strength and unity,??? he said.

Mr. Mayers described winning the logo competition as his greatest achievement to date.Chief Information Officer, Sharon Lynch, said the competition attracted 187 entries, including three Barbadians who live in the United Kingdom.

She added that the entries were of a ???very high quality??? and the judges, Major Errol Brathwaite, Wayne Branch and Nala, had a difficult time choosing the winning design.

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