Minister of Education, Ronald Jones, is hoping that within the next two years, the majority of students leaving secondary school will do so with four or more CXC passes in one sitting.

Mr. Jones expressed this wish this morning while delivering the keynote address at the launch of The Alleyne School???s Leaders Week 2016 programme at the school, Belleplaine, St. Andrew.

The Education Minister pointed out that while he was not unhappy with the current CXC results, he believed that teachers and principals should push the students to do a bit better.

???I???m interested in raising the standard, both of the quality of the grades and also of the number of students who are able to gain four or more passes at one sitting. Like every other goal, this may take two or three years to happen. ???I want to see students, teachers, principals everyone working together to achieve this, and some students may need to improve their grades or do more CXCs, even if they have to return to fifth form to do so,??? he stated.

Mr. Jones revealed that he planned to meet with all secondary school principals within the next two weeks to discuss a number of issues, including the raising of overall grades.

???Education is such a cohesive process that from time to time you have to talk to your leaders, your principals and managers of the school, and if there is something that you need to get further action on you bring them in. As Minister and Chief Education Officer we have to stay tuned in to what is happening within our educational system,??? he explained.

The Education Minister also indicated that he was pleased with the work of the new sixth form schools, and said he believed that every school should give students the opportunity to continue their education until they are at least 18.

He stressed that the newer sixth form schools were not replicating the older ones, but were combining academics with different areas such as communication and technology.

Mr. Jones encouraged the students of The Alleyne School to continue to strive for excellence and he said he hoped that one day a sixth form could be introduced to the school.

???I want to challenge you students, and I hope that you know that you are way better than you think you are. I am challenging you to have the discipline and the will to learn and to do better,??? he urged.

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