With the island having recorded its first three cases of the mosquito-borne virus Zika, Education Minister, Ronald Jones has condemned the littering and illegal dumping habits of the population.

Speaking at the 23rd annual awards ceremony of the Golden Travellers, a group of female singers known for their philanthropic deeds, Mr. Jones criticised the ???nasty people??? on the island who believed that they ???should throw everything on our streets or on some neighbour???s property???.

Reminding the public that cleanliness was next to godliness, he said that we had, as a people and as a country, to refocus. ???This is where I live and I need it to be clean; if I dirty it who is going to clean it but we ourselves???? the Minister declared, appealing to people to disabuse their minds of the notion that someone else had to clean up their litter and garbage.

???Not the SSA (Sanitation Service Authority). They don???t have enough workers up there. Not Drainage; not NCC (National Conservation Commission). They have to be doing other things. We have to ensure we clean our environment ourselves,??? he contended.


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