Winner of the 50-plus masters cycling race Sedwin Jones (centre) with second placed  Gerald Bovell (left) and third placed Wayne Edwards (right). (Photograph compliments Troy Barker Photography)

Senior cyclist Sedwin Jones is champion of the road, after winning the National Senior Games 50-plus masters cycling race last Sunday.

The championship, held on the Spring Garden Highway, featured three categories: 50-plus masters, female, and masters 35 to 49.

Second in the 50-plus masters was Gerald Bovell; third was Wayne Edwards; and Lesley Brathwaite copped fourth place.

There were four female competitors. Carol Kelly placed first; Paula Rose, second; Gemma Chandler, third; and Kelly Watson, fourth.

In the masters 35 to 49 race, first place went to Phillip Clarke; second place to Wingrove Thomas; third place to Handel Davis and fourth to Paul Belgrave. The oldest competitor was 68-year-old Lawrence Downie.

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