With no foreseeable challenges in sight, all Government primary schools are set to open at the start of the new school term in September.

This assurance has come from the Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ronald Jones.

Following a recent tour of several primary schools, which were earmarked for various repairs and renovations during the summer recess, the Minister expressed satisfaction with the progress that had been made over the past few weeks.

???We are going to be ready, but we???re going to spend the rest of the week and about a few days into next week checking and rechecking, ensuring that the infrastructure and the environment are ready for the start of school,??? Mr. Jones stated.

Noting there were a few minor challenges encountered, the Minister maintained that the Ministry expects the new school year to begin without major incident.

???At St. Mary???s Infants there was a bit of a mix up, we encountered a camp there and that put (work) off a bit. We had some days where we had some rains, nothing major, but that always affects the progress. We still have a little work to do but are on target for completion before the start of the new school year.???

The Minister also highlighted some of the other refurbishment don: ???We???ve done some painting; some (general) refurbishment; and we???ve put in some prefab units,??? he added.

According to the Minister the Ministry spent BDS $1.95 million on enhancements and refurbishments; a seven hundred and fifty thousand dollar increase from last year???s BDS $1.2 million.??A total of 24 primary and nursery schools were repaired this year.


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