Teachers must be well-informed regarding technological changes and improvements.

This assertion came recently from Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ronald Jones, when he addressed several teachers during the workshop Toward Robotics in Secondary Schools, at Erdiston Teachers??? Training College.

Mr. Jones said that as his Ministry continued to develop policies which encourage the use and development of technology in education, teachers must ensure that their technological skills are up-to-date so as to further encourage students to get involved in such fields.

???Teachers will have to be comfortable with instructional approaches that actively engage the learner and provide them with opportunities to understand??? Teachers have to make it interesting,??? the Education Minister stressed.

While expressing the need for educators to be more familiar with technology, the Minister lamented that in many ways, persons ???are sticking still to the basic aspects??? of the available technologies, rather than utilising it for the expansion of their minds.

In an effort to further encourage the development of technology within the country, Mr. Jones declared that ???new impetus??? was being taken in primary and secondary schools to infuse and create the enthusiasm for the teaching and learning of science, mathematics, technology and engineering.

The Minister also highlighted the need for Barbadians to move towards the development and creation of new forms of technologies.


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