The Jorris Dunner Elderly Day Care Centre will officially open for business on Monday, December 7, and persons interested in attending the facilities are encouraged to register now.

Formerly a senior citizen home, the recently-renovated centre, located in The Pine, St. Michael, will be one of two state-run facilities which provide day care to elderly persons in the island.

During a press briefing this morning at the centre, Chairman of the National Assistance Board, Senator Dr. David Durant, called the re-opening timely and needed in Barbados.

He explained that the goal of the programme was to enhance self-esteem, reduce isolation, maintain or regain independence, and to encourage socialisation among the elderly population.

???The centre will provide activities designed to promote the wellbeing of the aged and provide care and companionship for those elderly who live alone or need assistance during the day. The programme will offer assistance or relief for family members or care givers allowing them the freedom to go to work and handle personal business during the day, while knowing that their loved ones are well cared for in a safe environment,??? he stressed.

Meanwhile, Officer in charge of the Centre, Esther Bend, said that the facility will initially cater to 25 to 45 elderly persons 65 years and over who are still capable of meeting some of their basic day-to-day needs, as well as those who are hearing or visually challenged.

???We will be taking a holistic approach here, we will be looking after the physical, the mental, social and spiritual aspect of a person???., we will have gardening, arts and craft, games, puzzles, things that stimulate the brain. This facility isn???t really geared towards persons with dementia yet, but we wouldn???t say no to persons who want to come here who are in the early stages of dementia,??? she added.

The facility will open Mondays to Fridays from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Each individual will have to pay a fee of $5 a day, which will include lunch and snacks.

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