Students and academics writing papers on a range of socio-economic issues, can now access The Journal of Public Sector Policy Analysis by logging on to the Ebsco Host website at

The journal, which is produced by the Economic Affairs Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Empowerment and Innovation, Trade, Industry and Commerce, is a three-volume collection of papers on a range of issues.

Among the documents in the publications are: The Contributions of Credit Unions to the National Development of Barbados, written by Ronnie Griffith, Kimberley Waithe, Troy Lorde and Professor Roland Craigwell; The Impact of Climate Change on the Barbadian Economy: The Consequences of Doing Nothing by Ronnie Griffith and Derek Gibbs and Remittances and their Effect on the Level of Investment in Barbados by Ronnie Griffith, Trecia Boucher, Patrick McCaskie and Professor Roland Craigwell.

There are also articles on An Analysis of Monetary Cooperation and a Single CARICOM Currency in the Context of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy, by Patrick McCaskie and Talent Management by Wayne Charles-Soverall and Jamal Khan.

In lauding the initiative Senior Economist, Ronnie Griffith, said: "It is a tremendous achievement for the Ministry of Economic Affairs, which augurs well for the overall transformation and development of the Public Sector. Moreover, the level of commitment and dedication exhibited by the officers, who are committed to the success of the publications, must be commended."

The Ministry has expressed its appreciation to all stakeholders involved in the most recent achievement, since it allows not only the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Empowerment, Innovation, Trade, Industry and Commerce, but Barbados to be recognised and acknowledged internationally in the area of academics.

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