Christopher Morgan, looks forward to being involved in the sector beyond his tenure of Junior Minister of Tourism. (N.Hutchinson/BGIS)??

Learning more about Barbados’ leading sector will continue to be an endeavour which Christopher Morgan will embrace beyond his tenure as Junior Minister of Tourism.

Speaking during an interview at the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) office, the youth representative for the Ministry of Tourism described his most recent experience – an internship with the BTA – as "three amazing weeks" that will never be forgotten.

Noting that the internship was very interactive and "hands on", Christopher explained that his duties included assisting with the coordination of BTA events – including a press conference and the ???25 Visits and Over’ honorary lunch held for frequent visitors to the island; writing articles for the BTA newsletter; and meeting and interacting with the visitors to the island.

"The BTA invites international journalists to come to Barbados to witness the Crop Over experience.?? I got to go to all the Crop Over events…and work with them," he said, adding that he even had the opportunity to assist some of the francophone attendees, by employing his French skills.

The Junior Minister’s duties will continue throughout the year and will include participation in both national and regional activities.

"In September, I will be a part of the Youth Forum of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference, where I get to discuss matters of African Heritage with my peers.?? Then, after that, in October, I will be representing Barbados at the Caribbean Regional Youth Congress, which is a part of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation’s State of the Industry Conference.?? It is being held in St. Kitts, with all of the Junior Ministers of Tourism from the Caribbean [we will] battle it out [and] hopefully Barbados wins," he added.

Now in the seventh month of his term, Christopher explained that while his junior ministership is drawing to a close, his passion for the sector, which has been fuelled by the many experiences he has had this year, will carry on.?? He revealed that, along with pursuing a law degree, studies in a tourism-related area would also be in his future and stressed that he wants to "contribute to the sector and keep it alive to make it better."

??"I’m going to encourage all my friends to get involved [in tourism].?? [The saying goes] ???Tourism is our business, Let’s play our part’, so I’m going to play my part by getting everyone around me interested, because without them, the tourism industry will not survive," he said.


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