Thirteen young students, who participated in a four-week Junior Multi-media Workshop at the Media Resource Department (MRD), have been told that the variety of skills they gain would be beneficial to their future.

Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Senator Harry Husbands, who addressed the close of the workshop, pointed out that life would not be easy going forward and the course could lead to opportunities for them.

???You can use this opportunity, at some point in the future; something that you have experienced here today or over the weeks at this course will be of importance when you seek employment,??? he said.

He noted that the jobs available may be ???in front of or behind the camera???, leading them to be responsible for makeup, costume, lighting, among other things. Senator Husbands??added: ???If you don???t make it in one area, there are a multitude of other areas that you can use the experience that you began with in this course.

“This could be the beginning. The next time, at some function, it would be really good to see some of you, as members of the media, in one area or the other, using the experience and skills that you have acquired.???

The Parliamentary Secretary also told parents they were key to the success of their children, and while the school, church and other agencies had a role to play, their contribution would go a long way to guarantee student success.

Recounting his own upbringing and his father???s interest in his reading capabilities, Mr. Husbands stressed: ???Anything that the Government does; anything that is done at church; anything that is done by this person and that person is only extra. The role and responsibility is yours. Those who help you ??? Be thankful!???

Chief Media Resource Officer, Walter Harper, who expressed his pleasure with the students??? behaviour, told parents they should be proud of their charges and must encourage them to practice some of the skills taught during the summer vacation. ???I think all of you are going to do well in your field,??? he said, noting that they would be invited back next year when the MRD hosts its inaugural animation course.

The Junior Multi-media Workshop was conceptualised seven years ago. It targets secondary students, usually between the age of 14 and 16, who are exposed to the still camera, digital camera, video camera, the smart board and projector.

They are also taught editing and how to use the tripod and other peripherals. This year???s intake came from The Lester Vaughan School, Ellerslie Secondary School The St. Michael School and Princess Margaret Secondary School.

Acknowledging that the workshop was usually in demand, Mr. Harper said: ???During the last seven years it has been a very popular course. The limitation is that we can only take a small number but we have been doing some improvements to our labs and we are hoping to make it even bigger next year.

“We hope to double the numbers and introduce animation. This particular group, I think was the best group thus far, and I want to give kudos and praise to Princess Margaret School, in particular. They sent six students and they were outstanding.???

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