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The survey being conducted by the Department of Emergency Management (DEM) to evaluate the level of Barbados’ Early Warning System (EWS) has been extended to over the weekend.

Persons may now click here, tomorrow, Saturday, October 23, and Sunday, October 24, to fill out the survey. Alternatively, they may go to the DEM’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages and click on the link in their bio to access the survey.

The Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) survey is designed to evaluate the public’s level of awareness and gain feedback. It contains 12 questions and has an estimated response time of five minutes. All responses will remain confidential and assist the DEM in improving the National EWS.

The EWS is an integrated system of hazard monitoring, forecasting and prediction, disaster risk assessment, communication and preparedness activities.

These systems and processes are expected to enable timely action with regards to reducing disaster risks in advance of hazardous events.

Information on potential hazards is disseminated to the public by the national warning focal points, such as the Barbados Meteorological Services, the DEM and the Barbados Government Information Service.

Department of Emergency Management

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