As the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) continues to develop a programme for wildlife control, Barbadians are being urged to keep animals away from its precincts, especially in the vicinity of the runway.

This appeal has come from Director of Civil Aviation, Anthony Archer, who said while it was almost impossible to totally eliminate the problem, the animals must be controlled.

Noting that a number of methods were currently being used to reduce bird strikes, which could pose significant damage to aircraft, Mr. Archer said other animals had also from time to time strayed on the airport premises. He cited the presence of dogs and cats, and, on occasion, even horses.

???We are forced to conduct a number of perimeter checks in order to ensure that there are no breaches. We are, therefore, appealing to our neighbours not to damage the fencing, tie animals on it or lift it to let in their animals,??? he stressed.

Mr. Archer also made mention of the penchant by Barbadians to ???birdwatch aircraft??? or ???park out???near the southern side of the runway, deeming this a ???dangerous practice.??? He noted that some vehicles even damaged the perimeter fence when parking too close to it.

???We have sensitive navigational equipment in the tower and vehicles can affect the operation of that equipment,??? he explained.


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