Ereal "Tiger" Johnson leading a section of the crowd who??took part??in Caribbean Wellness Day Keep Moving activities at Browne’s Beach, last Saturday.????

Hundreds came out to Browne’s Beach, in St. Michael, dressed to mark the celebration of Caribbean Wellness day, last Saturday.

Senior Health Promotion Officer with the Ministry of Health, Denise Carter Taylor, expressed delight with the support of the public, who actively took part in beach volleyball, Frisbee, beach cricket, aerobics, line dancing, paddleball, skipping, beach boot camp sessions and a beach walk led by Coastal Zone Management Unit staff.??

"Everybody had lots of fun exercising and especially doing line dancing. One comment heard most often was about the location being close to the beach.?? It seemed to have made it special for those who attended," Mrs. Carter Taylor said.

Also present was Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Joy St, John and Chairman of the National Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases Commission, Prof. Trevor Hassell, who both put on record their pleasure at the considerable turnout and activity level of persons of all ages.????lbayley@barbados.gov.bb

Two young people try their had at beach volley ball on??Browne’s Beach at the??Caribbean Wellness Day Keep Moving activities, last Saturday.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Joy St. John, (6th in line) and??Senior Health Promotion Officer at the Ministry of Health, Denise Carter Taylor (5th in line) taking part in activites at?? the??second??second basic exercise workshop for community fitness leaders.??

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