Minister of Social Care, Steve Blackett, presenting participant in the Common Entrance Support programme Shontelle Marshall with a gift during the closing ceremony. (G. Brewster/BGIS)

Minister of Social Care, Steve Blackett, has given the nod of approval to the Kiwanis Club of Barbados North for implementing its Common Entrance Support Programme.

At the programme’s recent closing ceremony at the Alexandra School in St. Peter, Minister Blackett lauded the initiative which has been running for the past 11 years, noting that it was "much needed".

"I am sure that there are many grateful parents and children who have benefitted from this programme over the years and have tied it to whatever success they have been able to achieve, to date.?? Through this programme, you have indeed been living up to your motto which is ???Serving the Children of the World’… There are so many of our children whose potential is stifled due to poverty and efforts like this provide the opportunity through which this potential can be realised," Mr. Blackett said.

The Social Care Minister underscored Government’s commitment to this cause, and alluded to the programmes which his Ministry had implemented.??

He highlighted the National Lessons Assistance Programme (NLAP), which is facilitated through the Community Development Department, in association with the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development. "This initiative also assists children who need extra help with their school work but are unable to access the help due to financial constraints faced by their parents," he explained.

The Minister mentioned that a number of the Constituency Councils were also undergoing similar programmes, and urged residents to request that such a programme be implemented in their community if needed.


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