Government’s Labour Department has issued a reminder to all employers in factories and related operations that under the Factories Act they are required to keep a general register. 

The document may be in the form of a bound folder and must contain the particulars of every accident and case of occupational disease occurring in the factory.  The reports may be copies of the Notices of Accident or Dangerous Occurrence forms sent to the Chief Labour Officer.

It must also contain a certificate of examination of an air receiver; a certificate of examination of a boiler; a certificate of examination of hoists and lifts; a certificate in respect of any other examination required under the Act; any other matter that may be prescribed, and a certificate issued by the Chief Fire Officer relating to means of escape in case of fire as applicable.

Employers are advised that the general register must be available for inspection by a Safety and Health Officer, a factory doctor or members of the Safety Committee, and it should be kept for no less than three years after the date of the last entry.

Occupiers of all non-factory workplaces should note that these requirements will apply when the Safety and Health at Work Act 2005 is proclaimed. They are therefore encouraged to put appropriate systems in place.

Additional information on the Factories Act may be obtained by contacting the Occupational Safety and Health Section of the Labour Department, Warrens Office Complex, Warrens, St. Michael, at 310–1514/22.

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