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Members of the public are urged to sign up for any of six webinars to be hosted by the Labour Department on Tuesday, March 8; Thursday, March 10, and Tuesday, March 15. Two sessions will be held daily.

The webinars, which will be held from 9:00 a.m. to noon, are part of the department’s continuing efforts to promote a greater degree of labour-management cooperation.  They will focus on Labour Legislation and Industrial Relations Best Practices.

Related topics to be discussed are: the 1st Schedule of the ERA/Statement of Employment Particulars; Disciplinary Procedures in Accordance with the ERA (4th & 5th schedule); Holidays with Pay; Employment Leave; Sexual Harassment (Prevention) Act, 2021, and Employment (Discrimination of Employment) Act, 2020.  

Interested persons may register online by clicking here, and are encouraged to register at least one day before the actual webinar they wish to attend.

For further information, persons may visit www.labour.gov.bb. The Labour Department is a division of the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and The Third Sector.


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