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The Barbados Statistical Service (BSS) has started another round of its Continuous Labour Force Sample Survey (CLFSS) to capture data for the month of April. 

The CLFSS is the quarterly collection of current information on various labour force characteristics, as well as income and expenditure data, gathered from a sample of households across Barbados.

This information is used to determine employment and unemployment levels in the island, coupled with the distribution of skills/professions in the different sectors of the economy; all of which leads to the provision of statistics for timely and necessary social and economic planning.

Field officers from the department will be visiting households, and the public is encouraged to participate in the surveys.

Persons are reminded that officers will have their BSS identification card prominently displayed, and will not be entering the homes of respondents. The National COVID-19 protocols will be observed in the field, specifically the wearing of masks, physical distancing and sanitising.

The following districts in the parish of St. Michael will be visited: Brown’s Gap, Manns Gap, Kensington Lodge, King Street, Church Gap, President Kennedy Drive, Westbury Main Road, Westbury Road, Phillips Gap, Phillips Road, Fitts Gap, Redmans Gap, Grants Gap, Rihanna Drive, Blanche Gap, Parris Gap, Grazette’s Industrial Park Road, Cave Hill, Bridge Gap, St. Stephen’s Hill, Hillview Close, South Hampton Road, Portsmouth Road, Bristol Road, Dash Gap, Hill Road, and Waterhall Land. 

The other areas in St. Michael to be targeted are: Worrell Avenue, Niles Road, Bank Hall Cross Road, Baycroft Road, School Road, Glendairy Road, Condemn Gully Road, Payne Road, Railway Road, Fairfield, Goddard Road, Tweedside Road, Arthur’s Gap, Blackman Road, Olton Road, Gilkes Road, Welches, Villa Road, Beales Road, Beales Gap, Warner Road, Reece Land, Lower Streets Road, Flagstaff, Ifill Road, Highgate, Highgate Gardens and Upper Collymore Rock.            

In Christ Church: St. Matthias Road, New Barrack Road, September Square, Hart’s Gap, Hastings Road, Upper Carter’s Gap, Carter’s Grove, Rollins Road, Goodland Park, Goodland Gardens and Enterprise Road.            

Officers will also survey Thorpes Cottage, Rowans, Mayfield, Flat Rock, Rowans Park North and Rowans Park East in St. George, and Oldbury, Four Roads, Emerald Park West, Six Roads and Four Square Valley in St. Philip.

They will also conduct assessments in Baywoods, Apes Hill Tenantry, Endeavour and Apes Hill Development in St. James, and Warrens Hill, Warrens Terrace East, Chancery Road, Arthur Seat, Warrens Development, Welches Heights, Welches Main Road, Millennium Drive and Millennium Heights in St. Thomas.

The communities in St. Joseph to be assessed are: Redland Plantation, Claybury Plantation, Claybury Tenantry, Easy Hall, Casuarina Hill, Blackmans, Blackmans Tenantry and Parish Hill.

Surveys will also be conducted in Church Hill, Coleridge and Parry Road, Ashton Hall, Douglas Development, Tom Bend Road, Lower Ashton Hall and Mile-and-a-Quarter, St. Peter.

The Barbados Statistical Service has also reminded respondents that all information is kept in the strictest of confidence and handled in such a manner so as to prevent recognition of any individual.


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