The Barbados Statistical Service’s (BSS) Labour Force Sample Survey continues this month with visits to St. Michael, Christ Church, St. George, St. Thomas, St. John, St. Joseph and St. Andrew.

In St. Michael, BSS field officers will survey include: Free Hill, Stanmore Crescent, Ellerslie Road, Yearwood Road, Clevedale Road, Lodge Crescent, Austin Drive, Crest View Terrace, Nurse Land, Grosvesnor Road, Jones Road and Hindsbury Road.

In Christ Church, it will be Club Morgan Terrace, Reservoir Road, Gunsite Road, Graeme Hall, Smith Road, Tino Terrace, Maxwell Hill, Kendall Hill, Maxwell Plains, Silver Hill Landing Scheme, Fairy Valley, Wilcox Hill and Chancery Park.

Charles Rowe Bridge, Parish Land, Airy Hill and Lower Estate Tenantry in St. George, and Canewood Road, Cane Garden, Sharon Main Road, and Jackson Main Road in St. Thomas will be visited.

Also included in the survey are the St. John districts of Glebe, Colleton Tenantry, Cliff Cottage, Colleton Gardens, Coach Hill, Bath Village, Welch Village, Mount Tabor Heights, Venture, Easy Hall, Wilson Hill, Wakefield and Knight’s Village.

Residents of Sugar Hill, Braggs Hill, Lammings, Airy Hill and Chimborazo in St. Joseph, and East Coast Road, Corbin’s Village, Lakes, Farrell Road, Coggins Hill, Hopewell, Chalky Mount and Cambridge in St. Andrew will also be interviewed.

The BSS is asking all householders included in the survey to cooperate fully with the field officers, especially since all information received will be treated confidentially.

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