Members of the public are reminded that officers are in the field taking information for the Continuous Labour Force Sample Survey, being conducted by the Barbados Statistical Service (BSS).

The survey is now in its fourth quarter for 2018, and field officers are collecting data from selected households.

The officers will be carrying photo identification cards, but if members of the public have any queries, they should call the BSS at 535-2600. The officers will now be utilizing tablets for data collection instead of paper and pencils, and householders are encouraged to exercise patience with the field officers as this transition is managed.

Some of the districts to be visited in St. Michael are King Street, Passage Road, Tweedside Road, Villa Road, Bonnetts Road, Balmoral Gap, School Gap, Pleasant Hall Road, Kew Road, 1st Avenue Goodland Road, Bank Hall, Cave Hill, Flagstaff Road and Deacons Road.

The Christ Church areas of Lodge Road, Oistins Hill, Church Hill, Windy Ridge, Upper Carters Gap and Goodland Park Road have been targetted.

Field officers will be in the St. George districts of Thorpes Cottage, Flat Rock Road, Flat Rock Main Road, Rowan’s Park Road, Walkers Road, Rock Hall, Workmans, Retreat and Glebe Land. They will also go to Ashton Hall, Mile-and-A- Quarter Road, Speightstown, Colleton, Marlin Drive and Heywoods, St. Peter.

Officials will visit Market Road, Oldbury to Mangrove Road, Four Roads, Six Cross Roads, and Highway 5 at Six Cross Roads (the St. Patrick’s/Woodbourne Road) in St. Philip.

The St. James districts of Water Hall Tenantry Road and Blowers to Bakers Road, as well as Warrens to St. Thomas Church Road, and the St. Thomas districts of Melrose to Edghill Road, Sharon to Lodge Hill Road and Arthur Seat West Road, will be visited.

Officers will also be in Andrews, Redland and Claybury, Claybury Tenantry Road, Easy Hall Road, Malvern to Cotton Tower Road and McKullocks Bridge Road, in St. Joseph.


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