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Officers are in the field taking information for the Continuous Labour Force Sample Survey, which is being conducted by the Barbados Statistical Service (BSS).

According to a BSS official, the survey is now in its fourth quarter for 2016, and data is being collected from selected households.  Field officers are at various stages of completion in a number of districts across the island, and these areas are expected to be completed by January 6, 2017.

In St. Michael, some of the districts being visited are Deacons Farm Road, Spooner’s Hill, Long Gap, Pillerdorf, Wavell Avenue, Black Rock Main Road, Clevedale, Codrington, Parkinson Road, Tudor Bridge and Madison Terrace.

Constant, Watts Village, Boarded Hall, Campaign Castle, Ebenezer, Melverton, Windsor and Carmichael in St. George, and the Christ Church areas of Kendall Hill and Graeme Hall Park will be visited.

The St. Philip neighbourhoods of Stroud Land, Diamond Corner, Crane Park, Union Road, Drakes Land, Castle Heights, Ruby and Long Bay Tenantry have been targeted.

Field officers will be in the St. John districts of Bowmanston, Cherry Grove, Four Roads, Belle Farm, Todds and Ashford; and the St. Peter areas of Roebuck, The Rock, Black Bess, Mangrove and Richmond Hill.

In St. James, they will visit Prior Park Terrace, Holders Hill, Thorpes, Clarkes Road, Wanstead Heights, Oxnards Heights, Husbands Heights, Independence Drive, St. John the Baptiste, Hoytes Village and Chapel Road.

Information will also be gathered from householders in the St. Thomas areas of Plum Tree Road, Farmers Terrace, Hillaby Road, Church Gap Hillaby, Canewood Road, Sunflower Drive, Cane Garden, Nazarene Road and Jackson.

Field officers will also go to Husbands, Harrisons Main Road, Crab Hill, Stroud Bay, Rockfield Road, St. Clements, Pie Corner, Well Road, and Little Bay, St. Lucy.

Members of the public are reminded that the officers are carrying photo identification cards, but if they have any queries, they should call the BSS at 535-2600.


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