The Continuous Labour Force Sample Survey (CLFSS) will recommence on Monday, July 20, after being suspended over the COVID-19 lock down period.

The CLFSS is the quarterly collection of current information on various labour force characteristics, gathered from a sample of households throughout Barbados.

This information is used to determine employment and unemployment levels across the island, coupled with the distribution of skills/professions in every sector of the economy. These labour market statistics contribute to timely and necessary social and economic planning.

Field officers from the Barbados Statistical Service (BSS) will visit households in eight parishes across the island to collect this information, and they will be following the protocols as outlined by the Ministry of Health and Wellness, such as wearing face masks and observing physical distancing, when in contact with respondents.

Those parishes are St. Michael, Christ Church, St. George, St. Philip, St. James, St. Thomas, St. Joseph and St. Peter. The BSS is appealing to persons to cooperate fully with the officers when they visit their homes.

The information collected will be kept in the strictest of confidence, and handled in a manner, so as to prevent the identification of any individual.

The BSS also wishes to express appreciation to all those who would have previously cooperated with officers.   

To download the July schedule for the Continuous Labour Force Sample Survey Schedule, please click here.

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