The public is reminded that officers will continue to be in the field in December taking information for the Continuous Labour Force Sample Survey being conducted by the Barbados Statistical Service (BSS).

Some of the districts to be visited are Green Hill, Black Rock Main Road, Fort George Heights, Tudor Bridge and Mount Friendship, St. Michael; and Constant, Watts Village, Boarded Hall, Campaign Castle, Melverton and Windsor, in St. George.

The Christ Church areas of Kendal Hill and Graeme Hall Park; as well as the St. Philip neighbourhoods of Crane Park, Union Road, Castle Heights, Ruby and Long Bay Tenantry, have also been targeted.

Field officers will be in the St. John districts of Bowmanston, Cherry Grove, Four Roads, Belle Farm, Todds and Macaroni Village; the St. James areas of Prior Park Terrace, Holders Hill, Thorpes, Clarkes Road, Wanstead Heights, Oxnards Heights and Hoytes Village; and Hopewell, Deane’s Village and Bridgefield, St. Thomas.

Roebuck, The Rock, Black Bess, Mangrove and Richmond Hill, St. Peter; and Husbands, Harrisons Main Road, Crab Hill, Rockfield Road, St. Clements, Pie Corner and Well Road, St. Lucy, will be visited by the officials.

The survey is now in its fourth quarter for 2016, and field officers are collecting data from selected households.  Members of the public are reminded that the officers are carrying photo identification cards, but if they have any queries, they should call the BSS at 535-2600.

Director of the BSS, Aubrey Browne, has emphasised the importance of the survey, saying the public’s cooperation is vital for its success. “For surveys to be meaningful, a good response is needed from the respondents.  I urge householders to contribute to the process of having accurate national statistics by responding fully to interviewers,” he said.


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