The Ministry of Housing (FP)??

The land at Skeete’s Bay, St. Philip has not been sold!

This has been stressed by the Ministry of Housing and Lands, who has categorically denied that it has leased or sold any land at Skeete’s Bay, St. Philip to any individual or private sector entity.

In responding to media reports, Ministry officials stated that: "Over the past few weeks there has been media coverage about a proposed private sector development project at Whitehaven, St. Philip, which is adjoining Crown Lands at Skeete’s Bay in the same parish. There are rumours that the Crown’s land at Skeete’s Bay has been sold or leased to a private developer. However, the Skeete’s Bay land and the fishing complex remain the property of the Crown."


Author: Ministry of Housing and Lands/Theresa Blackman

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