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Manual indexing and ease of searches will be at the forefront of the Land Registry Department’s new digital system when it is officially launched.

The software was previewed today at Sky Mall, Haggatt Hall, St. Michael, by the Registrar of Titles (Ag.) and consultants from the Trimble Land Solutions Group to heads of departments and agencies who interact with the Land Registry.

The Landfolio system, which will be accessed via the Land Registry Department’s new website, will provide a formal mechanism for processing many of the Registry’s functions.

Registrar of Titles (Ag.), Joyann Clarke, noted that the Land Registry is a major revenue earner for government, and that it should always be accessible to the public.  “With the new system, lawyers and members of the public will be able to search online and determine even if they need copies of their documents,” she stated.

The public will also be able to pay online utilising the EZ pay+ system after the integrated system is launched formally.

The current system, which is a combination of analogue and digital, where online information is very limited and available only through the Registry’s facility, does not allow for efficient use of resources.

The Land Registry Department was established in 1988, and has records dating back to the 1600s.


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