Minister of Housing and Lands, Denis Kellman is expected to move several supplementary resolutions, when the House of Assembly reconvenes tomorrow.

Under Section 5 of the Land Acquisition Act Cap. 228, Government will seek to compulsorily acquire crown land at Gemswick, St. Philip so the public will be able to use it for recreational purposes.

Mr. Kellman will table resolutions to entrust the National Housing Corporation with crown land for housing development at Flat Rock, St. George and Walker, St. Andrew. Land at Oxnards, St. James will also be developed so that the public will have access to Oxnards Crescent/West Terrace and Durants Housing Development.

The Housing Minister will also move a Resolution to lease to the Barbados Agricultural Management Co. Ltd. land and buildings at Groves Plantation, Groves, St. George to provide accommodation for the Agronomy Research and Variety Testing Unit.

Mr. Kellman will move a Resolution to have the NHC acquire land at Colleton Plantation, St. Lucy, for the provision of houses under the ???Housing Every Last Person??? initiative and for the creation of the buffer zone required by the Chief Town Planner and to widen the road.

The resolutions are all in accordance with section 5 of the Crown Lands (Vesting and Disposal) Act. Cap. 225.

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