The Land Tax Department has reissued tax demand notices to those taxpayers who did not receive their 2009-2010 bills which were issued in September.

According to Commissioner of Land Tax, Wayne Forde, investigations revealed that the affected taxpayers were from the parish of Christ Church. The specific districts are Parish Land, Chancery Lane, Pilgrim Place and Coverley, or those areas where "92" is the leading digit on the tax bill.??

"In order that taxpayers are not disadvantaged in any way, it has been decided that those bills bearing the "92" leading digits, which have not been paid, would be reissued," Mr. Forde explained.??

He said the new issue date was Monday, October 19, which would allow taxpayers until Wednesday, November 18, and Friday, December 18, to receive 10 per cent and five per cent discounts, respectively.????

Meanwhile, the Commissioner has also reminded the public that the land tax amnesty is scheduled to end on Sunday, November 29.

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