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Thousands of tax payers will soon be able to view their accounts or pay their land tax bills online from the comfort of their homes or offices at the click of a mouse, when the Land Tax Department rolls out its online payment portal.

Commissioner of Land Tax, Wayne Forde, in announcing this measure, said it was aimed at eliminating long lines inside the department during peak tax paying periods.

He intimated that during the coming months, the public would benefit from the web-based facility that was designed to "allow taxpayers to see their total tax liabilities including any discounts to which they are entitled to, and/or any penalties or interest accrued on their accounts."??????????????????????

During the initial phase of the project, Mr. Forde said overseas property owners would be unable to make payments using foreign accounts, credit and debit cards, as the system could only process transactions from local bank accounts.

"The implementation of this system would act as a precursor to an environment, where tax bills and valuation notices will be issued electronically to those tax payers who are desirous of receiving this mode of tax payment.?? To facilitate this, additional information, such as e-mail addresses, must be collected from our partners.?? So, we will be embracing the available technologies to ensure that the public receives the best service in the shortest time possible," the Commissioner stressed.

Mr. Forde said the introduction of the online payment facility would lead to cost savings in postage and the publication of notices to the department, while promoting a greener environment.


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