Barbadian and Guyanese youth are being urged to create a ???revolutionary and interconnected Caribbean???.

Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley, gave this encouragement as he addressed several young people at the beginning of a workshop on civic engagement, held at his Ministry???s headquarters, Sky Mall, Haggatt Hall, on Monday.

The workshop was held as part of a cultural exchange programme between Barbados and Guyana, which saw 10 young people from Guyana visiting Barbados for 10 days.

He told the participants: ???Remind yourself of the very close relationship our countries share???we are very mindful of the historic linkages between Barbados and Guyana.???

The Youth Minister cautioned the youth that the decisions they make today can determine how their country repositions itself. He implored the young persons to be the change the Caribbean needs and to think about how they can transform the technological landscape to make a difference, while also improving on what currently exists.

???The internet is now reshaping how we live???how many of you ever thought of creating a social media engine that will take Facebook to an even more revolutionary stage than it is now???? he queried.

In April of this year, 24 Barbadian students from the Haynesville Youth Club visited Guyana in an effort to present cultural art forms to their hosts.

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