Barbadians have been urged to reject the negative content present in some dancehall songs.

This instruction has come from Minister of Youth, Stephen Lashley, as he voiced concern over the recent escalation of gun violence in the country and the possible links to the dancehall music culture.

Mr. Lashley was delivering remarks on Saturday at the launch of Community Independence Celebrations at the Gall Hill Playing Field in St. John.

While the Minister instructed the newly-appointed Parish Ambassadors to ???lead other young people in Barbados in denouncing violence in all its forms???, he also pointed out that as a society, we must acknowledge and condemn the content of certain types of dancehall songs and videos.

???Some of these songs portray gun crimes, lewd behaviour and promote the use of illegal drugs. I believe that if our society does not take a united stand against these influences, then of course we have only ourselves to blame,??? Mr. Lashley cautioned.

The Youth Minister then voiced his belief that such songs should not be played on local radio stations, and that individuals should not create a market for them by either purchasing them or circulating them on social media platforms.

The launch of the Community Independence Celebrations, themed: Celebrating Who We Are, introduced the parish ambassadors and attendants for 2016. It included performances from several individuals and groups, among them Shellaine Bourne, Hazel Charles, Romaine Lovelle and Shernell Graves-Clarke.

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