Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley. (FP)

There is a need for further investment in Barbados’ talent.

Minister of Culture, Stephen Lashley, made this call recently while addressing participants of a Tourism Management Conference at Sandals Barbados.

Mr. Lashley noted the importance of investing in the country’s young talent.

“We must be prepared to invest in our country’s natural talent…as a very small country, Barbados has so much undeveloped, raw natural talent…We perhaps have many more ‘Rihannas’ than we actually know. The question is what are we doing about the development of this natural talent? How can this talent be developed to the benefit of Barbados?” he queried.

Highlighting the need to expose the country’s talent in order for it to develop, the Culture Minister stressed that there was a need for “some consistent consideration for investment” as tangible success would only result from years of sustained backing.

Mr. Lashley pointed out that globally, the cultural industries sector has continued to withstand the impacts of the international recession in a way that should to make the case for Barbados “to pay even keener attention to it”.

He added that  with such positives coming from the investment in  the cultural industries, Barbados should seek to fully integrate the sector into the “economic paradigm”.

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