Barbadians of all walks of life are being encouraged to donate to the National Restoration Campaign for the Carnegie Building.

During a recent service to mark the 168th Anniversary of the National Library Service at St. Peter???s Parish Church, Minister of Culture, Stephen Lashley, made an appeal to members of the public to give back to the building???s restoration.

Mr. Lashley noted that the Carnegie Building, which once housed the headquarters of the National Library Service, played an important role in the lives of many Barbadians. It was vacated in 2006 due to severe physical deterioration, and the National Restoration Campaign was launched on January 5 this year.

???No donation is too small or too large to contribute to the restoration of this building??? It is not asking too much to show your appreciation by giving back by way of contribution to its restoration. Many of us have benefited from the services of the Public Library System,??? he emphasised.

Persons interested in donating may contact the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth at 621-2700 for more information.

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