While lauding the rank and file of the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) for what he described as ???significant decreases??? in crime, Acting Commissioner of Police, Tyrone Griffith, is also urging them to uphold the organisation???s image.

He made this call as he addressed the RBPF???s annual conference being held under the theme: Collaboration, Communication and Partnership Building: Imperatives for Community Regeneration, at Solidarity House today.

???Most of you are aware of an ongoing investigation into a serious criminal matter involving members of the Force,??? he told the packed auditorium.??

Without going into further details, the Acting Commissioner conceded that there was a small percentage of persons within the Force who were ???unscrupulous and even evil???.

But, he made it clear that the Force ???abhors corrupt conduct by its members???, and would therefore do all in accordance with the law to rid itself of ???rogue??? officers. ???There is no place for such persons on the Force,??? he emphasised.

Noting that the majority of lawmen maintained high morals and conducted themselves professionally, Mr. Griffith called on the ???honest and decent officers??? to continue being vigilant and not allow the ???sore??? to fester.

???I hope that all of us will contribute in that regard in terms of identifying and rooting out those persons. It is important that we keep the image of the organisation as a bright one,??? he stated.

And, he noted that improving the Force???s image was one way of ensuring its legitimacy, and cautioned those who took objection against efforts to standardise its public image to desist.

???We are a disciplined organisation and must remain so, or our legitimacy will be lost. We must project an image worthy of emulation by young persons seeking to join the organisation,??? he stressed, noting that there was increased interest.

During his wide-ranging address, Mr. Griffith also openly congratulated lawmen for achieving a 15 per cent overall reduction in crime last year.

However, he highlighted the fact that significant reductions were also recorded in crimes such as theft against the person, which dropped by 43 per cent; robberies by 30 per cent; and burglaries by 32 per cent. The number of murders for 2014 broke even with the 2013 figures with 24 being recorded.

The two-day conference will also address a number of structural changes that will be made within the RBPF to execute its 2015 plan.

Among the changes is the move to have a Human Resources and Administration Department as two separate entities, managed by Assistant Commissioners of Police. One operations department combining territorial policing and operational support is also on the cards.


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